Bigfoot Stretch

Petrol heads in our land of opportunities have once again proved that all you need to fulfill your most crazy goals is to have a confidence and an unbreakable determination. And there’s no other description of an idea to turn a limo into a so called monster truck as CRAZY. Car company behind the idea, Big Toyz Racing, has done it and now offers this custom made vehicle to anyone with enough cash. Million dollars and unprecedented sensations and unique experiences are YOURS!

This special monster limousine is built on a reinforced tube frame on which a Ford Excursion body is mounted at the top. There’s only one copy of it in the whole world. Vehicle’s dimensions are: 9.75 meters long, 3.65 meters high and 3.59 meters wide. Its wheelbase meanwhile reaches an impressive 7.1 meter length, but the weight is bind blowing 6.8 tons. A 8.5-liter eight cylinder engine that develops more than 700 horsepower, custom made transmission, fully manageable chassis and extra size brakes make sure that every ride with it brings joy to both the driver and the passengers. Monster limos driver gets to sit in the center of the cabin, while up to 12 passengers are placed in bucket shaped sport seat to make sure everyone is safe even during the toughest journeys. Drift hard or go home!

An exciting video to kill your time

Once more an energy drink manufacturer has delivered a surprise to all petrol heads! This video has absolutely no plot whatsoever: just roaring engines, breathtaking stunts by motorcycles (including a snow mobile 😀 ) as well as cars and of course sexy and half naked women. You have a chance to spend 8 minutes of your life to gain enough adrenaline for the rest of this year. The coolest part is that it’s also available in ultra-good quality – 4K resolution. Of course, if your pc/tv and internet connection allows you to do that 😀

Women, men and cars

This totally made my day 😀 😀 😀

“Why is it that all cars are women?” he asked. “Because they’re fussy and demanding,” answered Zee.
“Because if they were men, they’d sit around and complain instead of getting the job done,” I told him.”

Patricia Briggs, Silver Borne

New year’s wish

Today I want to share a little secret with you guys. Not that long ago, in new year’s eve to be precise, I made a sort of wishlist or goal list, name it as you like. Among things like loosing 10 extra pounds, exclude junk food and snacks from my diet and start eating more healthy, do some physical activities regularly, there was another aim: to gain financial independence. Of course, I can’t complain about my current work position, but recalling the essence of Rober Kyosaki book Rich dad. Poor dad. we know that every paid work is basically a rat race. To gain financial freedom an be able to do whatever I want when I grow old and up till that point, for instance, travel the globe, buy luxury cars, vacation homes, perhaps a yacht or a jet, I plan to create many income flows. Current occupation will be the first one, obviously. But what’s next?

Well, this is what I wanted to tell you about in the very beginning. Accidentally came across a Bloomberg’s post in which an uprising trader’s lifestyle is described. Young trader’s name is Timothy Sykes, he started off with $12,500 and now has a fortune of almost $4.3 million. He lives a really lavish lifestyle with luxurious travels, fast cars, private jets, yacht transfers, VIP parties etc but what’s most important – he is sharing his knowledge of how to become rich with general public. In his website he gives a detailed information on his penny stock trading tactics – market analysis, best stock picks and so on. Everything seems to be legit, there are plenty of positive reviews from his students who have earned both smaller and larger sums. Some of them are spending lunatic on stuff like watches and other accessories, electronics and premium car (probable they rake in more than $100,000).

Some screenshots of the action on Instagram:

I’ve studied his materials from the beginning of this year, but haven’t found courage to take the next step. What do you think about trading penny stocks, fellas? Perhaps it’s better to buy a property and rent it out? This definitely wouldn’t be the most profitable decision, but much safer. There’s also an option to simply spend my savings on a new car. What do you think about such a scenario? Or is it worth to take on a greater risk and try to fulfill my aim of financial independence much faster…

Epic news for star wars fans!!!

These are epic news, ladies and gentleman. If you have instead of denting a car dented your head, Fiat has presented a special vehicle edition for Star Wars fans (ME and most likely you, too!!!). It has an impressive model name 500E stormtrooper, where 500 stands for a standard Fiat model 500, E stands for electric vehicle and, yes, stormtrooper that this is an epic Star Wars shit!


Fiat 500E Stormtrooper exterior fittings and interior design is inspired by the Star Wars saga, including also the latest movie Star Wars: Force Awakens. All of the films have a common character – Empire soldier named Stormtrooper. Empire soldiers distinguishing feature from other characters is the entire body sealing white armor, sinister-looking mask with helmet and black glasses, so a combination of black and white colors have been used to create this genuinely good looking small electric car. According to manufacturer data I came upon by checking their website, Fiat 500E electric motor develops amazing 111hp and 200 Nm. Maximum speed it can reach is slightly above 100 miles per hour. Many won’t like this, but actually I don’t mind, that the farthest distance you can cover with a fully charged batteries is only 100 miles.


On the technical side, 500 E stormtrooper is no different from any other fiat 500 vehicle, but the exterior, especially in the front side, differs significantly. It resembles the shape of a soldier’s helmet. The front windshield is a spectacle shaped, the hood edges highlight shape of the mask sealing the face, but the black stripes on the side doors depict helmet’s air vents. On the front of the car, rear and center of wheels the fiat traditional badge is replaced by a stylized soldier helmet image.


Black and white colors dominate also in the Fiat’s interior. Almost all of the functional details, including various control buttons and door handles are black. In turn, edges of the alcantara leather seats, door contours and panel’s waistline are in white. The passenger’s side of the panel is decorated with an inscription ‘Star Wars’, but the two-colored (of course, black & white) steering wheel is enriched with the previously mentioned Empire Soldier logo.


This limited edition Fiat’s electricity powered car was co-produced in a partnership with an italian design center Garage Italia Customs. Besides the stormtrooper, the same team has crafted 500E versions that resemble drone R2-D2 and BB-8 appearance. Fiat along with the movie studios Walt Disney Studios and Lucasfilm that have made the epic Star Wars franchise have created and started a joint advertising campaign. It’s clips are shown in every cinema that has been granted license to show franchise’s latest movie. Sound pretty cool, right? At least I think so 😀

The only part of this beautiful story I didn’t enjoy and claim that you won’t either, is the car’s price 😀 Fiat is asking ‘modest’ 33 000 USD for this special edition Fiat 500E stormtrooper. Sadly, but it’s too much. Otherwise I would get one for myself.. as the third family car (sigh)

Another message from Finland

Hi, everyone, hope your doing well. Nothing much has changed in recent month, still a lot to do at work and home, hence leaving only a little time for any of my hobbies. But I don’t want to yearn about it, just in opposite, want to share my optimism.. that is strengthened by my family and friends. My family is always there to help me, they now how much I appreciate it, but this time I want to thank my friend from Finland, who after all these years still continues writing me. Yes, it’s the same guy I visited last year (you can read about my Finland off road trip here). Don’t want to share any of the personal information here, but an inspirational story of a friend of his…

Life for people in Finland isn’t anything like an American dream were enjoying out here. No, the information depicted in mass media about high standard of living isn’t true. Especially heavy blow to finnish people was the loss of technology giant Nokia that was initially bought by Microsoft and then dumped completely. Numbers showed that a single company’s turnover constituted almost 20% of Finland’s GDP. In comparison, world’s most valuable company Apple Inc. as of now constitutes only about 0.05% of USA’s GDP. Now this may sound really sad, but actual story isn’t about Finland, but it’s neighbor country Russia.

Russia is a home for approximately 145 million people, most of which are living on the threshold of poverty. According to more reputable information sources, basically everyone living outside Russia’s capital Moscow and second largest city Saint Petersburg. Excessive corruption of all previous and Vladimir Putin’s current government and trade sanctions with USA and EU have made the life of ordinary people quite challenging. Yet, some of the ordinary people have a mind sharp enough and work vigor large enough to write a true rags to riches story of theirs!

Born in an extremely poor family, Eric Davidovich, first pursued a career as a legal counsel, but deep down inside had a strong affection to cars and everything related to them. Learning and working hard for more than 6 years, he had saved to buy his first sports car – BMW M5. A friend of his came up with an idea that the car should be wrapped in gold. Once the car got the new outfit, it become a legend of Moscow’s streets. Internet and social media hyped. Young lawyer saw an opportunity and started a blog about car tuning. Many years and pivots later his website is now the most popular forum for car enthusiasts in Russia and ex-Soviet countries with many million visitors per month. In partnership with his fellow he have organized various road trips covering 4 continents including North America for almost 7 years under a brand name smotra run. His passion for cars and driving inspired him to start his own youtube video channel smotra tv with more than 2 million subscribers and an average 10 million views per a movie clip. His channel has several series like Test Drive where he tests various exclusive limited edition cars, off road and arctic trucks, buses, taxis and so on, Technical Inspection where he provides various tips on how to better prepare a vehicle for state’s technical inspection, Davidovich Hunts where his team tries to catch corrupt cops and Davidovich Flies where he tests aircraft, mostly helicopters.

His own auto collection include the above mentioned BMW M5, BMW X5M, Mercedes G class, Nissan GTR, Audi RS6 and many more. Personally I enjoy following him on instagram Sort of a daily dose of motivation. Here are some of the pics from his account:

bmw x5m bmw x5m_2 brabus ferrari 458 mercedes gt amg porsche 911 veyron

This kind of dedication fuels my own passion.. Some day – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but some day, I tell you, some day MY PASSION WILL BE ALL OVER MY LIFE.

What happens when you decide that a public transportation is better option than your car

Believe it or not but this is an actual event from my life 😀 😀 the one day in year i decide to save some time and money (to get myself one of these hyper cars within some 1000000000 years 😀 ), this is what happens.

So, I was taking a bus to my friend’s Lucas apartment. It’s full of passengers, everyone is quiet and probably thinking about something important or interesting or whatever.

Seat right next to me becomes vacant, in a blink of an eye it’s taken by a young women, about 22-25 years of age, with her 4-year-old daughter in the lap. Seems that she is enjoying the luck of finding free spot to sit down, when suddenly baby girl starts whining: Mom, please, please, pretty please buy me a Barbie… Please.. Kid is doing that really persistently and in various different tonalities, from time to time applying strong gestures. Everyone looks to get annoyed, when mother finally explodes and in a sharp tone says to the young lady: Why do you need a Barbie? You’ve already got three of them!

And this is the turning point when the strategy of little girl changes. She becomes silent and started pouting. After a couple of stops spent in a complete silence she spokes to her mom: If you don’t get me my new Barbie, I will tell grandmother something about you!

Mom: What will you tell her about me then?

Daughter: I’ll tell that I saw something.

All passengers suddenly froze, looked like everyone hold their breath to see what happens next.

Mom: So what did you saw, my daughter?

Daughter: I saw you kissing daddy’s penis yesterday!

After the kid had finished her sentence, a loud storm of laughs overtook the bus. Women blushed, grabbed her baby the the arm and jumped out on the next stop.

Think this is how the story ends? Not even close! The same bus stop the women took of, a young male with his approximately 8 year old son got in. All the bus passengers continued to suffer from laughter convulsions, but the man, of course, didn’t understand what everyone else was laughing about and just smiled stupidly.

Out from nowhere, his son speaks up: Daddy, buy me a remote control car or I will…

Bus passengers bellowed twice as hard, the driver had to stop the bus as he couldn’t stop laughing. At the point he had regained his breath and could say a word, he turned his flushed face to the bus interior and with tears in his eyes said: Dude, trust me, you better get him the remote car!

A man with his son drove a few more stops, everyone else was bent in laughter, but he just looked at the others with deep confusion in his eyes.

As I said in the beginning.. EPIC STORY. PURE GOLD 😀 😀

For anyone who don’t know what a drift is…

My mom shocked me by claiming she has no idea what a car drift is… So this post is a dedication to my mom and everyone else who wants to be enlighted about car drift…

What’s Drift?

Drift is a car racing type in which the race result isn’t determined in minutes or seconds like in most of the auto sport disciplines, but evaluated on various criteria such as angle, speed, band and overall presentation. In the essence drift is car’s driving in a controllable sliding. It is a driving technique when the driver tries to take the proper line on the track (it’s usually beforehand determined by the judges), in which the car should perform the longest drift at the highest possible speed.

This is how it looks like:

Unlike a regular racing, end result of the drift competition depends not on which driver finishes the first one, but from the driving techniques shown during the performance. Wins the one with the best overall standings, hence the most important key to success is the focus and stability. Drift typically is hosted in a track of hard surface, for instance, concrete or asphalt, passable trajectory is marked with bright red cones called pylons. The closer and faster the driver drift to them, the more points he gets.

During every lap judges carefully assess accuracy and efficiency of every driver, based on many parameters, to illustrate, angle of the drift, uniformity of the ride, speed going in the curve, speed when going outside the curve, visual (smokes from burning rubber tires) and audio (noise) performance etc. Sometimes also the opinion of the audience is taken into the evaluation. In semi-final and final runs the battle takes place in tandem rides, adding another criteria – the distance to the car in front.

I must say that the drift show is visually impressive for any viewer. It’s unbelievably intense, noisy, colorful, breathtaking. It’s participants are mostly positive people who generate unbelievable amounts of positive energy and give it away. But this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any competition. Actually, it’s very fierce cause nobody wants to loose! It’s a sport where everyone is battling for extra inches, trying to improve the skills from one competition stage to the next one.

Still hard to understand what is what? Please take a look at my favorite drift team EE/HGK racing (click on the link to view more pics, videos and more if you’re interested) in action!

This is something unbelievable

Was browsing for some cool drift videos and you won’t believe what popped in front of me… Imagine a situation somewhere where’s plenty of snow. I would say, for example, Alaska… In front of you is a lake cover with a layer of ice.. You would normally expect a lunatic or a handful of them driving a BMW, AWD Mitsu or Subaru, or at least Audi, having fun on the thick layer of ice covering the water… Yes, looking how these cars leave donuts on the snow would be pretty normal view I would rather say.. But seeing a huge plain doing this??? OMG this is some pure gold!! Check out the video, you’ll wont waste your time, I promise you.

What is paintless dent repair? Where can i get one in Phoenix?

Today I’m going to tell about a small adventure of mine that I had few days ago. Somebody will find it interesting, while others probably will get bored. It’s about a completely new thing to me (and most likely to you, too) – paintless dent repair. Although living in Phoenix for more than 6 years, I hadn’t heard of such thing.

So, here’s the deal. Me and my wife had a small trip to visit my wife’s parents who live in Denver, Utah. Time took as much as planned before; approximately 850 miles where covered in 14 hours. Drive was smooth and easy except a small issue. After having a magnificent lunch break (had a superb medium rare stake and my wife an amazingly cooked trout) noticed a huge dent on the body of my minivan. Very obnoxious surprise as you can imagine…

Once we were back home at Phoenix after a beautiful 2 week holiday, I started to gather information on my dent problem. First thing I did was asking a local body shop for an estimate. I won’t make a bad publicity, but the offer was a complete rip-off. Told about this problem to my brothers and one of them suggested a way out my ears couldn’t believe. He claimed that it’s possible to drastically save money on such a car repair work by simply finding a professional who knows how to perform an innovative repair method called paintless dent repair. In Phoenix, as it turned out, there are many, of whom I can recommend company Dent Removal Phoenix llc. They are one of the youngest in paintless dent removal in Phoenix niche, but it’s clear that they have a true passion about what they are doing.


As I found out from them, compared to the traditional panel repair works (such as panel beating and painting etc) paintless dent repair is not only popular in Phoenix, but in other cities and states as well. It’s mostly due to a large economy in money and time. As advised, such an approach to remove dents is excellent in cases of door dings and shopping cart damages (a burning problem in parking lots by the malls), to remove small or excessive dents from hail stones (hail damage repair in Phoenix is more common problem than you could think) and minor car accident repairs if the car’s paintjob is okey (I recommend reading this article to avoid any unnecessary damages).

They fixed the dent on my car within a few hours and did it for a ridiculous amount of money. I highly advise you to sometimes choose a bit riskier, a bit more uncommon solution just like my venture with a mobile paintless dent repair in Phoenix because most of the time they won’t disappoint you. In opposite – they will make you be smarter and feel better than ever before.

Todays lesson: nausea while driving

My daughter started to experience a nausea while driving to my parent’s hause. Didn’t pay much of the attention at the beginning, but as the problem didn’t persist, started to look for potential reasons behind the issue. And this is what one of my friends, a pharmacist owning a drug store in Phoenix, AZ., advised me.

Most often the nausea in a car affects the children and the elderly people, but don’t be fooled, it can be a problem for anyone. These unpleasant moments may appear both on longer journeys as well as in heavy city traffic jams.

Heat Inside the Car

When using any mean of transportation, whether it is a car, public transport, vessel or aircraft, the human body is being moved. So, to maintain the cord in a vertical position, our brains uses all the information it can acquire through senses such as sight, sound, proprioception, nociception to name a few. When in a movement, human brains can get confused, causing the vestibular system to irritate and hence results in nausea. To add, in case the irritation is not stopped, nausea may result even in fainting. This condition is widely known as seasickness; the seasickness most often affects 2 to 12 year olds, pregnant women and people who suffer from migraines because their vestibular system is much more sensitive than one of a regular adult.

The most important thing to keep in mind for those who are affected by this problem – before the onset of the nausea spell all senses are exacerbated significantly. Knowing this, one can be sure of when the attack of nausea is approaching. If possible, at this point you should stop, get off the vehicle and relax for a while. However, there are cases when this is impossible, right? If so, there are some other methods to deal with nausea.

How to resist nausea?

For those who suffer from seasickness, sleep is the ultimate remedy. If you can’t sleep while moving from one location to another, you should choose the front seat besides the driver; it is proven that looking out of the front window occupies the vestibular apparatus. However, looking through the side windows is not desirable – it can only escalate the nausea. It is also advised to get some fresh air (especially in hot and dry weather), it is likely to delay or minimize the problem. Be sure not to read, watch movies or TV series or play phone and tablet games while travelling with any transport.

However, people who have been suffering from seasickness symptoms on a regular basis, and don’t want to face this problem in longer trips, can get medication for it. Adults and youngsters over the age of 14 years may use non-prescription drugs, which is an antihistamine and vitamin B6 combination. When used every 4-6 hours, it provides anti-nausea effect. In turn, 6 to 14 year old should use this method every 6-8 hours. There are also homeopathic preparations whose use is recommended 3 times a day every 3 hours. Conversely, if a passenger during transportation experiences spastic dizziness, tablets must be taken every 15 minutes.

Ginger-containing dietary supplements are also effective when it comes to preventing nausea; additionally they will help to maintain a good state of health, ease stomach discomforts and even other symptoms such as dizziness and sweating. Ginger containing tablets suitable for both adults and children (over 2yrs) are also available. Use them one hour before the departure, they will last somewhere between 4 and 8 hours. If the trip is longer, additional pills should be taken.

As the nausea is caused due to stress put on the vestibular system, easy sedatives, for instance, valerian, is also an option to consider. Mint tea, sweet candy or chewing gum are also known to have some positive effects.

My 2016 Car Wish List

If you had to select ten most expensive street cars on the planet, what would you name? Here are my top 10 favorites!

Ferrari LaFerrari

This 6.3 liter V12 equipped Italian hyper car is equipped with the HY-KERS energy recovery system. Both components lift up the total horsepower amount to 960 that allows to reach 100kmh barrier in less than 3 seconds and 200 kmh in less than 7 seconds. To reach it’s maximums speed of 300 kmh only about 15 seconds are necessary. This exclusive model will be released in only 499 copies with a price of approximately 1.5m USD a pop.

ferrari laferrari

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

Lebanon based W Motors have developed and constructed this auto world beast in a partnership with a German car tuning atelier RUF. It has a Porsche 3.7-liter six-cylinder opposite engine with two turbines that develops 750 horsepower output and 1000 Nm torque. Lykan Hypersport needs 2.8 seconds to reach speed of 100 kmh. Top speed is electrically restricted at 390 kmh. First client to purchase this 3.5m USD hypercar was the Abu Dhabi police.

lykan hypersport

Lamborghini Veneno

Lamborghini Veneno is a very exclusive car produced by Sant’Ágata company. It’s based on a cheaper company’s model Aventador. 750 horsepower output is achieved by a 6.5 liter V12 engine. Sprint to 100 kilometers per hour requires 2.8 seconds, while the top speed is reached at 355 kilometers per hour. Lamborghini Veneno is how the company decided to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary. There are only 3 copies of it sold worldwide, each costing around 4.5 million US dollars. One in green, one in white and the last one in red color. Altogether they symbolize the Italian flag. The gray copy every participant of Geneva Auto Show 2013 could admire has been stored in the Lamborghini and hence is not (and won’t be) for sale.

lamborghini veneno

Aston Martin One-77

This 1.5 million US dollar mega car produced by Aston Martin is equipped with a 7.3-liter V12 engine developing 761 hp and 750 Nm. 3.7 seconds is the time necessary to reach 100 kmh with this beast. Top speed showed by the car maker is surprising 354 kmh. As one might guess, it’s a limited edition vehicle with only 77 copies in the world considering the model name – Aston Martin One-77.


Pagani Huayra

This Horacio Pagani art work is supplied with an AMG 6-liter V12 biturbo engine that reaches 700 horsepower and 1000 Nm torque. Huayra hypercar is constructed from the latest innovations in the auto industry: composite materials, titanium and carbon fiber that way significantly reducing the expected vehicle weight to 1350 kilograms. As the result, car is really neat from outside. To make it neat from inside as well, designers and engineers have spend hundreds of man hours to excel every technical detail: starting from the seven-speed robotic gearbox to windshield wiper controller. Only 3.3 seconds are necessary for Huayra to reach 100 kilometers per hour. Top speed is restricted at 370 kmh. Impressed with all of this? 1.5mUSD and the car is yours!


Zenvo ST1

This hand made supercar, made in Denmark, has a price tag of 1.2 million dollars. 1100 horsepower is generated by a 6.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine. ST1 is undoubtedly a fast car, but it’s notorious due to the technical difficulties it experienced in the popular auto show Top Gear test.

zenvo st1

Koenigsegg One: 1

Two million dollars can get you a lot of things.. or a single car. Like this one – Koenigsegg One:1. Swedish entrepreneur Christian Kēnigsega and his team of engineers have come up with a 1341 hp car that weights only 1341 kilograms, in other words, a perfect weight and power ratio, which is exactly 1: 1. Koenigsegg One: 1 accelerates to 400 km / h in just 20 seconds.


Ferrari F60 America

To celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of it’s existence in North America, car maker Ferrari decided to make a special limited edition car. Product is named F60 America and costs around 2.5 million dollars. It was available (yes, every single of them is already sold) in 10 copies. Based on a cheaper model F12, car is pumped up with 6.2-liter V12 engine with 740 hp and 690 Nm. The massive power hidden beneath the hood accelerates the car to 100 kmh in under 3 seconds.

ferrari f60 america

Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vivere

Nearly 4 million dollar Mansory Bugatti Veyron Vivere is the German tuning company Mansory version about the fastest car on the planet – 1001 hp Bugatti Veyron. It’s suited in a carbon fiber bodywork, equipped with improved LED headlights and interior. Technical specifications, however, are equal to a standard Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse. Speed of 400 kilometers per hour can be reached with a roof down. Impressive!


Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Swedish company Koenigsegg makes another place in my top with another model – 4.5 mUSD worth CCXR Trevita. Two 4.8-liter V8 compressor engine installed in the car develops a maximum of 1018 hp and 1080 Nm, allowing to reach 100 kmh in 2.9 seconds. Maximum speed is indicated at 410+ kmh. Probably the most known owner of such a car is the 38-year-old boxer Floyd Mayweather.


A Flashback at My Finland Trip

There’s an update for this post, don’t miss it out: Another message from Finland

I’m still so excited about my October 2015 trip to Finland that I’ve decided to share it with you guys. What is Finland? Well, it’s a Nordic country in Northern Europe, right next to Sweden, Norway and Russia. You can find out more details on wiki if you’re interested. Don’t want to write about geography, culturu etc much, but go straight to the adventure part. The main reason behind this exotic trip was to visit an old friend of mine.. who accidentically has an awesome hobby – OFF ROAD DRIVING! We went to explore the savage wildlife of Finland forests. This was our ride: meet the Mercedes Benz G class!

off road experience_my g class

As it’s owner told me, car was purchased with a sole reason of making him happy while conquering fierce environments. Besides some minor repair works, there were also few upgrades made to the vehicle (I listed them on a slip of paper to be able to share it later with you guys):

  • Installation of the front winch bumper
  • Mud tires Yokohama Geolandar MT
  • Spring set with 5 cm body lift
  • Wheel flanges with 35mm off-set
  • MB G-class original bottom guard

mb g class in woods

At this moment MB G class is one of only few cars that leave the factory conveyor rolls already fully prepared for off-road driving. This cars features include the following: all three differential force blocks, air sampling system with water separation tank (it does not mean that an unprepared car can cross 1.5 m deep fords, but it certainly is able to cross deeper fords than most of standard all-wheel drive vehicles). Construction of the car has not experienced any significant alterations since the time it left the factory as a military car for the use of German military force. Civilian version of it appeared a bit later, it had a better quality interior and larger capacity engines, but fundamentally was the same vehicle production of which started more than 30 years ago. Main advantages of the G Class as an off-road vehicle is the immensely strong suspension and longevity of nodes, of course, as well as easy handling that is a well known characteristic of all Mercedes Benz products. Among disadvantages one can name the relatively heavy weight and the low power of available engines. A combination of these makes it tough to compete with American or Japanese productions.

mb g class crossing a small river

mb g class cruising a river

mb g class cruising a river pic 2

Overall, the G class showed some outstanding results in off-road tracks, if the driver finds the right driving style (for me it was very difficult, but the owner did it more than ok). If the driver finds the proper speed, this vehicle is unstoppable. Check out some old videos to see what the old german car is capable of doing (couldn’t capture any videos myself cause everyone suggested to leave smartphones at home. and now i know why 😀 )